1. What is Bali Silver?  Bali Beads are handmade in Bali, Indonesia, by silversmiths who have honed their skills over generations. Each bead is handmade individually out of sterling silver. ... The beads are then antiqued, giving them more depth. The results are beautiful, unique beads unlike any others in the world.

2. What is Hill Tribe Silver? Hill Tribe Silver, known world wide for its high quality and delicate designs, comes from Northern Thailand.  The "Hill Tribes" in this region have been practicing their silver crafts for centuries.  This area is often referred to as the Gold Triangle, as it is situated near the borders of three nations (Thailand, Laos and Myanmar).

There are six distinct Hill Tribes, each with its own style of dress, unique cultural practices, and jewelry designs. The Tribes are known in their native land as the Karen, Mien, Hmong, Akha, Lahu, and the Lisu tribes.  The silver jewelry and beads of the Karen tribe are perhaps best known.  For this reason, "Hill Tribe" and "Karen Hill Tribe" are often used interchangeably, although doing so is inaccurate.

Silver is such an important part of the cultures of the hill tribes that it is often used in lieu of paper money. The peoples here also wear silver jewelry extensively for cultural and religious purposes, but also to convey to others their status in the community.

Hill Tribe silver is usually 95-99.9% silver, in contrast with sterling, which is 92.5% silver.  As such, if often satisfies the standard of "fine silver."  This high silver content is necessary, for the silversmiths form their pieces from hammered sheets of silver and wire.  Doing so requires a level of metal malleability that the sterling alloy, with its higher copper content (7.5%) cannot achieve. 

3. What does Fac stand for?  Fac stands for Faceted, meaning having many sides. For example "the polished, faceted gemstones are beautifully crafted and highly noticeable"

4. What does FW stand for?  FW stands for Fresh Water, for example fresh water pearls.