My Story

My work comes from my heart.  It is my passion since discovering this talent several years ago.  It is my desire to enrich the lives of others by sharing the natural beauty of gemstones commingled with metals and colorful materials that are pleasing to one’s soul.  After surviving a small airplane crash in Kentucky in 1992, my motto became: “I am here to be of service to others.”  So, in 2019, Tru Original Designs, was created to carry out my mission.  May each of you who purchase a piece of my jewelry enjoy it as much as I enjoy creating it for you!

Jewelry on Table

Ten percent from each sale will be donated to the Shamrock Rescue Center.  This should make a lot of you really happy to be helping such a worthy cause.  I know it delights me!!!

Each piece of jewelry is carefully handcrafted in my Mechanicsville, Virginia studio and my creations have been showcased at many private jewelry showings, boutiques, and charitable benefits around Virginia over several years. 

close up of jewelry on table

My necklaces are made with the highest quality of materials and workmanship.  However, some pieces include sea glass, antique and vintage elements that sometimes have slight imperfections.  This is evidence of their journey through time, and now they add beauty to the pieces they are in.  All gemstones are natural and since they are natural and from Mother Earth, any irregularities are to be expected and considered a part of its natural beauty.  My design style varies from classic, fun, bohemian, delicate, bold, etc. 

Wonderful magnetic clasps are put on all of her necklaces and most bracelets.  These clasps are extremely useful when putting the necklaces on and taking them off.  Customers love them; however, they should not be worn if you wear a Pace Maker.

Ear Wires are either Sterling Silver or Gold, Brass, or Copper Filled for the best quality and least amount of ear sensitivity.

Most necklaces are lightweight unless otherwise noted. 

Sophisticated ladies like to have the appropriate accessory of jewelry to wear for their day or evening attire.  That’s where my services are beneficial.  Tru Original Designs help you select accessories for casual, business, fun, and evening activities.  The search engine allows you to search in ways that are meaningful to your specific needs.  The website is user friendly and comprehensive.

Shipping is free for ground 3 to 7-day service.   Overnight shipping can be arranged with a shipping fee.